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The team at Victoria Village Denture Clinic & Implant Solutions in North York is here to help you with all of your denture needs. We provide compassionate and professional care to help you revive your smile, restore your confidence, and make eating enjoyable again. Whether you need same-day denture repairs or relines, full dentures, removable dentures on implants, or any other denture services, we will help you find a comfortable solution. We never turn anyone away and we will work with you to find a solution that aligns with your budget. At Victoria Village, every patient is family.

Angelo Sokmas, DD

As the original owner of Victoria Village Denture Solutions & Implant Clinic, Angelo Sokmas has been a practicing denturist for over 25 years. The denture clinic was once located on O’Connor Drive, but the clinic was relocated to a bigger and updated space with state of the art equipment over six years ago. Angelo regularly travels back to Boston where his wife lives which means his role at Victoria Village is now more managerial in nature with Tan as his partner. Angelo is very family oriented, and it’s a trait he works hard to bring to the clinic where he treats patients like his own family and warmly welcomes everyone who comes through their doors.

Tan Nguyen, DD

Tan Nguyen graduated in 2012 from George Brown College. Shortly after, he went out West Coast for more experience in the denture industry. While Tan has practiced in Alberta, for most of his denturism career he was serving the great community of Sidney and Victoria, BC. During his time in BC, he has gained tremendous experience and served thousands of patients in well known retirement destinations. Eventually, Tan moved back East to take care of his mother, which led to Angelo and Tan partnering up. Tan always strives to keep himself up to date with the newest denture techniques, materials and equipment to better serve his patients. He is meticulous with his work, always trying to deliver close to perfection denture appliances. In addition to his experience in analog and digital dentures, Tan has also trained himself on the lower suction effect dentures. Tan will always listen to your needs and will never turn down anyone due to financial reasons. He and his team will always work with you and treat you like family so that you can regain your confidence and dignity and to enjoy eating again.